Dr. Kennedy homes named in class action lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Dr. Kennedy homes, an affordable housing complex in Fort. Lauderdale. As 7News first reported, severe mold has been causing problems for residents there and now investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is back on the case.

WSVN — The mold problems at Dr. Kennedy homes are so extensive, public records reveal that as of last month there have been 24 cases of mold infestations within the 132 unit complex.

Bob Mckee: “This is a nice, beautiful building. Unfortunately, with a horrendous, we believe a horrendous defect that needs to be fixed.”

We found mold infestations so severe that everything from furniture to clothing was being destroyed. The mold forced some residents to move, others have stayed hoping for repairs.

James Hunter: “But they never did anything about it.”

An expert hired by the residents’ attorney believes a design defect is causing too much humidity in the apartments and that is causing the mold.

Bob Mckee: “It’s our expert’s perspective that this place has to be knocked down to the concrete block and rebuilt.”

The lawsuit names the owner, designer and developer of Dr. Kennedy homes.

Among the claims, residents “..suffered severe health problems as a result of their exposure to the chronically toxic environmental conditions at Dr. Kennedy homes.”

James Hunter is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

James Hunter: “And I enjoy living here and all I want to do is have a place where I can breathe freely.”

Since hiring his attorney, Hunter says he has been told he is being evicted.

James Hunter: “And I really don’t have a place to go at right now.”

Other renters have chosen to leave because of the mold, losing their apartments, their furniture and their belongings.

Chanel Charlton: “Oh it’s terrible. The smell is terrible.”

Before filing the lawsuit, Bob Mckee says he offered to try to work things out with Dr. Kennedy homes.

Bob Mckee: “I’ve had zero response as far as that offer. And so, I know now what I have to do. We have to fight the fight.”

And that fight appears destined for a courtroom.

The suit was filed Tuesday afternoon.

The developer of Dr. Kennedy homes, Carlisle Development Group, released a statement, “The allegations being made with regards to Dr. Kennedy homes are false. Our residents’ safety and health is our top priority and we are proud of the role Dr. Kennedy homes has played in providing state of the art affordable housing to the Fort Lauderdale community.”

A representative with the designer named in the lawsuit, Glavovic Studio, said they have no information about the matter and did not comment.

Carmel Cafiero. 7News.


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