This is the hot new look of Downtown Miami's Intercontinental.The 30 year old landmark on the bay has been reinvented to the tune of thirty million dollars! And tennis champ Venus Williams helped serve up the new look.VENUS WILLIAMS: "This renovation has been 14 years in the making. There's been 641 rooms that have been renovated and the lobby. The inspiration for this space is really Miami. And the history of Miami."Venus's company, V-starr Interiors did design work in the the hotel's 25-hundred square foot presidential suites and aced up other areas too.  VENUS WILLIAMS: "So telling the story of Miami was really important and right here – we're in the Metropolis Suite When you think of Metropolis, you think of something very modern and the city filled with skyscrapers and things like that."The Venus touch is bold and sophisticated with pops of color. VENUS WILLIAMS: "We used the cool colors and ahmm streamlined shapes but also made you feel really really inviting. It was just about really making a story that was impactful and ahh making the guests feel comforted for people really to know that the Intercontinental is really one of the landmarks in the skyline."And the landmark is now lit up with a ninteeen story tall dancer on an LED screen.ROBERT HILL: "It's a sillhouette of a dancer on the side of the building and it just is one of the many things that we can do with this new technology that we have."The front facade and lobby are lit up as well but venus left some subtle touches hidden in secret spots too. VENUS WILLIAMS: "Yeah I leave tennis balls under the bed…you know you get a signed ball – it has my phone number on it but ahh you know basically it was really about telling that story of Miami."The hotel is Venus's first design job in hospitality. So you can check in and check out her work in person. Or just eat at the hotel's new latin steak house Toro, Toro. It's internationally renowned chef is Richard Sandoval. He's from Mexico City…we may even be related. Hotel Intercontinental – 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, Fl 33131phone: 305-577-1000WWW.ICMIAMIHOTEL.COM

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