Domino’s set to hire 200 new workers in Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) — A large chain of pizza restaurants is set to hire hundreds of new workers throughout Miami.

Domino’s Pizza is looking to hire more than 200 new employees in 48 stores. Positions offered are for part-time delivery experts and full-time assistant managers, according to a news release.

"We are excited to offer additional jobs throughout the area," said Director of Corporate Operations in Miami, Erick Ortiz. "Enthusiastic and positive-attitude leadership is our philosophy and we’re in search of team members who reflect that, so we can continue to do what we do best. Make great pizzas and deliver them with exceptional service."

Ortiz, who began working at Domino’s as a part-time delivery driver in 1987, worked his way to the top, and now oversees corporate operations of Domino’s stores throughout Miami. According to the company, more than 90 percent of Domino’s U.S. franchise owners began their career as part-time Domino’s employees.

For those who are interested in applying for the newly opened positions, visit