Django Unchained

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "In Hollywood would love putting things in boxes, although I think you have your own box of originality."


SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "This is a western, but what type of western?"

QUENTIN TARANTINO: "I've always like those films, I've used the esthetics of southwest in a lot of my film, even Pulp Fiction I called a modern day rock n' roll spaghetti western, in Kill Bill even Inglorious Bastards has some elements of it. This was my first chanced to do one straight up and proper."

The American, spaghetti style western/ let's take an up close and ugly look at slavery, because it was ugly, is written and directed by the king of original himself, Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "Do you think it will cause controversy, or do you think it's like any type of art, it's subjective on how one would interpret it, when one watches it?"

QUENTIN TARANTINO: "This movie is definitely not for everybody. It's one of the most effective movies I've ever made when you watch it with an audience. When you sit down in a theater you get the laughs, you get the people responding to the horrors of slavery, and they cheer like crazy at the end."

The movie is about a bounty hunter played by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz who frees and befriends a slave, Django, played by Oscar & Grammy winner Jamie Foxx. FYI, Christoph got to read the script as Tarantino was writing it.

CHRISTOPH WALTZ: "He gave me, as he was writing them, pages, to read."

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "What was that like?"

CHRISTOPH WALTZ: "Pretty incredible. Reading them as they were being produced was special."

It's a well-written, pretty unusual story. With a typical Tarintino appearance, and some over the top gun slinging.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "What was your first reaction to seeing the film completed or reading the script?"

JAMIE FOXX: "I don't necessarily get all the scripts passed to me. I'm not that guy, but when I saw that I got an opportunity to be in a movie with Quentin Tarintino, it was all out and I didn't wanna hear nothing from nobody."

The bounty hunter and Django head out on a journey to catch criminals in the wild west. They later, go on to find Django's wife, played by Kerry Washington. The two were ripped apart by their owners because of their intimate relationship.

KERRY WASHINGTON: "I'm so proud to be part of this movie. So proud to be part of this film because it's epic, because it's unique, because it tells a story we've never seen before, of a black man, in the south before the Civil War. He frees himself and rescues his woman. It's so inspiring."

Django Unchained is a lot of different things. It can be hard to watch, brutally historically honest, yet it's farcically funny and in my opinion, it's pretty fantastic. For me, it's one of the best films of the year.