WSVN — Keeping your car in tip top shape can be expensive, but on tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez has some do-it-yourself car care tips that will save you big bucks.

Cristina Abreu depends on her car to get her everywhere.

Cristina Abreu: “Extremely important. I love traveling, I love taking roadtrips, so it’s pretty important to keep it up to date.”

Like many people, car repairs are not something she’s comfortable with.

Cristina Abreu: “I can check the tire pressure and I can check the oil and that’s about it.”

But paying for someone else to make those repairs can cost you.

Chad Williams: “Maintenance on a vehicle can be expensive and it does tend to be more of an investment as the car gets older.”

There are some simple ways to take care of your car at home that won’t break the bank.

Start with the windshield wipers.

Chad Williams: “Lift the blade up off the area and just run your finger along. Feel the rubber to see if it starts to deteriorate.”

Tires are a huge expense. Buy a cheap gauge to make sure they are properly inflated.

Tom Thornton: “That will save you money through increased fuel economy and it will also save you money by extending the interval between tire replacements.”

And this easy trick will tell you when your tires need replacing.

Tom Thornton: “Take a quarter and place that in the tread and if you can still see Washington’s head in the quarter, the top of Washington’s head, then that’s an indication your tread depth is thick enough.”

You can also save on car maintenance by cutting out labor costs. Most car lightbulbs will only cost you a few dollars but at a garage you’ll be charged for the mechanic’s time.

Tom Thornton: “If you can spend a little bit of money maintaining your car today, you ultimately can save a lot of money down the road.”

Tips Cristina is grateful for and plans to take advantage of so that she isn’t taken advantage of.

Cristina Abreu: “I think it’s great. I mean, I think everybody should share these tips so everyone’s aware and save some money and have your car in good condition.”

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