If you have eliminated eating out in order to save money, get ready to visit your favorite spot. In tonight’s Money Monday, 7s Lynn Martinez shows us how one program is helping to get people save big.

WSVN — A special feature on Groupon called Reserve is bringing the diners and the deals.

Steven Haas: “Everyone is looking for that deal. Everybody is saying why should I pay full price when I don’t have to anymore?”

Steven Haas has been in the restaurant business for 35 years. He knows what it takes to keep business flowing.

Steven Haas: “By adding extra value it keeps people coming in. It also keeps the restaurant busy and it keeps the employees all employed.”

The best part about Reserve unlike typical Groupon deals is that you don’t pay anything. Instead owners offer up reservations for open tables in their restaurant.

Ivan Valencia: “You make a reservation, you get 20 percent off. Hey, how can you go wrong with that?”

The restaurants win too full reservations mean more money.

Ivan Valencia: “It is a two for one deal. I get the reservation, they get the discount.”

Getting your dinner deal is easy.

Ivan Valencia: “When you walk into the restaurant, all you need to say is, ‘I made a reservation through Groupon Reserve’, and the hostess or the manager will know that you’re here because we’ll have it in our system.”

You enjoy your meal and when the check comes your discount has already been deducted from the bill.

Ivan Valencia: “Just make the reservation and you’ll save 20 percent. A lot of restaurants have 20, 30, it all depends.”

So on a $100 check You save $20 or $30, And those savings are a hit with diners.

Steven Haas: “There isn’t a person I know that isn’t looking to save a dollar. The customers have really truly embraced it.”

The restaurants and offers change regularly.



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