Children have taken over their family’s dining room. Our makeover maestro showing the parents how to get it back in tonight’s Room for Improvement.

WSVN — Martin Amado: “After eight years of using their dining room as a play room, the parents are ready to take back control and this time around, turn it into a space that the entire family can actually enjoy. Let’s meet one of the homeowners.”

Martin Amado: “Gerson nice to meet you. Big change already, huh from the playroom in the photos that I saw. What have you done so far?”

Gerson: “I’ve picked up a little bit. Tried to get it a little ready for you. And, we want to turn it into a regular dining room.”

Martin Amado: “Of course, you’re gonna help me make this happen in one day?”

Gerson: “I’m here.

Martin Amado: “You ready to go?”

Gerson: “Ready to go.”

Martin Amado: “Let’s go unload the car. Now we can actually begin the makeover.”

Martin Amado: “So to save money, I want to use the lamp you have in your family room above the dining table here. I think it’s going to look much better, so if you don’t mind helping me out with that, and I’m going to start measuring out for the mirror.”

Gerson: “I’ll take care of it.”

Martin Amado: “Awesome.”

Martin Amado: “OK. So, you like more of the neutral, sort of black and white, sepia tones? Well this was a great buy because you can see right here, clearance stickers. My best friend when I go shopping.”

Martin Amado: “A lot of times homeowners have a big wall and they want to clutter it up with lots of frames. I think having just one focal point like this one is enough.”

Martin Amado: “So, for this wall we can either add some color or go for a grouping of different prints and images.”

Martin Amado: “What are you leaning more towards?”

Gerson: “I like this, the whole collection.”

Martin Amado: “If you notice, I got the C for your last name. Which is?”

Gerson: “Capote.”

Martin Amado: “And there you go. So, I think this is going to look really cool. How you hang this will actually be the key because instead of hanging it linear I want to put one higher, one lower and one off to the side.”

Martin Amado: “Before going nail crazy on the walls, we’re going to lay out the grouping first on the floor to kind of get a better visual and then we can transform it on to the wall.”

Martin Amado: “So by placing two upholstered chairs at the head of the table it takes a basic dining room set like this one and it just elevates it to a more elegant setting.”

Martin Amado: “I’ll let you do the honors. The final touch and a candle. There we go. Love it. Do you?”

Gerson: “I love it. It’s beautiful.”

Martin Amado: “So, from a space only used by kids, now we have the perfect setting for family gatherings and lots of new memories. You like it Gerson?”

Gerson: “I love it.”

Martin Amado: “Thank you for all of your help today. To all you guys at home, we’ll see you next time on another…

Gerson: “Room for Improvement.”

Do you need to take back a room in your home? Email Martin for help at room@wsvn.Com or give him a call at 305-576-home or 954-962-home.


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