WSVN — Join makeover maestro Martin Amado as he reveals a tip for decorating with your books and magazines.

Martin Amado: "Hi! I’m Martin Amado, and thanks for joining me in our Online Extra. Books can be used for more than just reading in a space. They can actually be used as a decorative element that complements the room’s decor. Let me show you how!"

Martin Amado: "In this case, we have one nightstand that is much lower than the other one. By using the books as platforms underneath one of the lamps, it will help to visually balance out both spaces on either side of the bed."

Martin Amado: "And, there you go. The books solve the problem, and now the entire grouping tells a story. Remember, more tips on Room for Improvement. Until next time!"


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Twitter: @martinamadotv


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