He was out on the town, but a night of fun turned deadly for a Broward man who was found bleeding to death in the parking lot of a Broward nightclub. As Patrick Fraser tells us on tonight’s Out for Justice, detectives are asking for your help to find out who killed David Castro.

WSVN — David Castro was Gloria’s only son.

Gloria Blanco (translation of): “My son, who was marvelous. He was a good man, a man with honor.”

Gloria spoke to us via Skype from Colombia. It wasn’t easy for her.

Gloria Blanco (translation of): “He was my counselor, my friend.”

David had come to South Florida in the year 2000, but in June 2012 his life came to an end.

Coconut Creek Police Lt. Dominic Coppola: “They were dispatched to a traffic accident, or what they believed to be a traffic accident.”

It was 5:30 in the morning. Police found David inside his car in the parking lot at a nightclub called “Deenie’s Hideaway” in Coconut Creek.

Dominic Coppola: “When the officers arrived, they soon found out that the victim, David Castro, he was shot.”

Shot in the head and left to bleed to death in his silver Audi. Gloria got the call at her home in Colombia.

Gloria Blanco (translation of): “It feels horrible, you can’t imagine, because I lost my only son.”

As Gloria buried her son, detectives were retracing David’s steps that night.

Dominic Coppola: “He went to T.W.’s Lounge, which is on State Road 7, just north of the Broward County line. And we actually have him there for approximately 30 minutes.”

When David left T.W.’s, he drove east on Hillsborough Boulevard. Detectives say, on this surveillance video you can see what appears to be a black Chrysler following him.

Dominic Coppola: “We believe that this black vehicle is either directly involved or possibly a witness to this event.”

Why would someone shoot and kill David as he pulled into the parking lot of a club? Detectives can’t be sure because the person or people who know, who saw something that night, haven’t spoken to police, and Detective Coppola is certain someone saw something.

Dominic Coppola: “We believe that this was witnessed, and we believe, after a two-year time period, that people have talked about this case.”

And if detectives get a name, they have evidence from the crime scene that could prove the identify of the killer.

Dominic Coppola: “We took a lot of DNA samples from the crime scene, and we feel confident that DNA will come back when the person does get entered into the system.”

An anonymous phone could point detectives in the right direction.

Dominic Coppola: “I will not close this case, and it will be worked as long as I’m the commander.”

Gloria hopes Detective Coppola doesn’t have to look much longer.

Gloria Blanco (translation of): “I ask that if this person sees me, if this person hears me, to look at my tears, the tears of a mother whose heart is destroyed, to turn himself in and tell us what happened.”

If you were in this parking lot that June morning and saw something that can help detectives, or you know someone who was, someone who drove a black Chrysler like this in 2012, it can’t hurt. Call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. There is a reward.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are still out for justice, give us a call. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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