WSVN — It was just six months ago in the middle of the day, Daniel Telfort was in a friend's car on 53rd Street in Miami, when a gold car pulled up and a passenger got out.

Miami Police detectives showed us what they think happened

Detective Leo Tapenes: "The passenger, which is now our suspect, gets back in the vehicle and flees the area."

Daniel Telfort was shot several times and left to die on the day Miami Detectives re-created the murder, Daniel's mother stood and watched.

Michelle Telfort: "That's my only child, mother and father and God is the one who keep me strong like this and without him and prayers, I don't know what I would do."

As Daniel was murdered, Michelle was working on a customers hair a few miles away then the phone rang.

Michelle Telfort: "She said Michelle, telephone. I went to her at the telephone. He said my son had been shot and he's in operation, and I just dropped down the phone."

Michelle Telfort: "He was a people person, he loved people. He was a people person, he would give you his heart, the shirt off his back."

But on this street in broad daylight someone took his life. Several people saw it but in the six months since it happened, no one has said anything about it.

Detective Leo Tapenes: "I understand that some people might not want to get involved in other people's business, but unfortunately once you have individuals come into your neighborhood and they're call outs enough to discharge firearms in the manner this individual did, there's no telling who could be killed."

That person could be a witness's mother or father or in Michelle's case, it could be a son or daughter.

Michelle Telfort: "Just suppose this person killed that person family member, that's when they going to talk? You can't wait for that."

People in this neighborhood complain about crime all the time and in this case, when some of them saw a crime, they shut up.

Detective Tapenes: "You know, we can only do so much, but for us to be effective we need the assistance of the community, we need the assistance of the people who actually reside out here, that see what happens out here day in and day out and they need to come forward."

An anonymous phone call to help police find a killer and let a mother have a little bit of peace.

Michelle Telfort: "How this person could sleep at night? I can't sleep at night. Its almost five months and I can't sleep at night. All I can do is pray and read my bible and keep on having hope. Hope for the best."

The worst has already happened to Michelle, she lost her son. Sadly, the best she can hope for is to find out who killed him.

If you can help this mother, Miami police would appreciate a phone call. As detectives say, you don't have to worry about the killer, he will be in jail for a long long time, and if you feel a friend or family member has been murdered and forgotten, give us a call. You will find there are many people still Out for Justice.


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