If your child dreams of one day performing on “So You Think You Can Dance” or just likes to shake it, there’s a summer camp that has all the right moves. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Janet Arce met her best friend Martica when they both danced for the Miami Heat.

Janet Arce: “She was very kind, took me under her wing, showed me the ropes.”

Years later, the two took their love of dance and opened The Living Dolls Dance Factory in Coral Gables.

Martica: “Dance was an outlet, it was a place we could be ourselves, to let go and it was also something that taught us how not to be shy.”

They teach girls ages three and up everything from modern to traditional moves.

Martica: “We offer ballet of course, which is the core of dance.”

Girls learn classical ballet from pliés to sa-shays, as well as learning to “Let It Go” with a performance from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

Parents love how dancing helps their children.

Sandra Fiorenza: “It gives them a tremendous sense of responsibility and discipline as well, because they really want to achieve something.”

And the kids love learning new moves.

Alexandra Puig: “Like your heel has to touch the toe and the toe has to touch the heel.”

Paulina Gonzalez-Brito: “It gives me better posture, like I used to sit like this.”

As a bonus, the kids learn how to dress the part.

Janet Arce: “We also teach them about their makeup and their appearance.”

And for a real confidence boost, they hit the dance floor to some Beyonce in hip-hop class.

Janet Arce: “As long as you have the drive and you have the heart and you want to learn how to dance we can do the rest.”

The summer camp is five hours of dance a day and each hour is a different genre.

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