Cycle Party

WSVN — Move out of the way, this fun contraption called the Cycle Party is rolling through Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Chris Haerting-Cycle Party: “It is a 15 person quadricycle, 100 percent pedal powered.”

You can rent this party on wheels for any occasion, but a favorite is the boozy pub crawl. For two hours you’ll hop on and off at different hot spots in Downtown.

Chris Haerting-Co-owner, Cycle Party: “We typically go to three locations. They stay there about 20 to 30 minutes. They jump back on the bike and pedal to the next spot.”

Julian Stroleny-Birthday boy: “It was my birthday and I thought it was a good opportunity to bring my friends together and explore Fort Lauderdale, hit all the bars, and have someone else drive.”

Riders do have to pedal to keep the party going, but don’t worry, a company driver is always in control of the steering and the brakes.

Julian Stroleny-Birthday boy: “OK I have to admit every once and a while I stop pedaling, and let them do all the work. It’s my birthday, I can do that, right?”

Jayci Armstead-Enjoying the ride: “This is such a good, social way to see the town and get out with your friends.”

Extra bonus, Cycle Party riders get discounted drinks at many of the bars.

“I have to take a pedal break to drink.”

If your focus is on fitness they also offer a boot camp tour.

“It’s like a spin class on a bike. It’s awesome. Yes, I’m sweating, see sweat.”

On this ride a personal trainer pushes you to pedal to different workout destinations.

Simon Fernandez-Co-owner, Cycle Party: “We go from park to park where the personal trainer has a circuit set up at each different park for the group.”

You’ll hit about three different spots with water breaks on the bike.

Brittainy Taylor-Loves group fitness: “It’s a lot more fun than most group workouts. Here everyone is conversing, we are having a good time and pushing one another, which is great for fitness.”

Now that your thighs are burning you’ll be treated with a breakfast stop, and the food is even served on the bike.

Bianca Mestre-Enjoying breakfast: “I got a pancake and I got two eggs over easy. This is a treat after we worked our butts off.”

I call that a joyride. Power to the pedal.

During the day, you can rent the cycle party for $350, and nights are $450 with a minimum of six people, maximum of 10. Cycle party is working on getting tours started in Miami too.


Cycle Party

1321 SW 18th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

(786) 258-8832