WSVN — Marilyn DeVoe: “96 percent of the people that come to Miami actually travel by air.”

Marilyn DeVoe is the VP of American Airlines in Miami. She knows everyone is looking for deals.

Marilyn DeVoe: “Everybody wants to save money, and everybody only has so much money that they’re going to spend for vacation.”

We’ve all heard the theories that buying on a certain day is best. Marilyn says not quite, but if you can be flexible, your options open up.

Marilyn DeVoe: “You want to compare a few days before and a few days after to see if there are fares that are less expensive.”

Compare times too…

Marilyn DeVoe: “Even in the same day, depending on the time of day that you travel, you may be able to find some lowest fares.”

Search how full the flight is. You can tell if your flight is full or empty by using the “Choose your Seat” option online.

Marilyn DeVoe: “If a flight is empty, there may be last-minute deals that you will see for that destination.”

Use online tools and follow airlines on social media.

Marilyn DeVoe: “You will see special deals, mileage offers. So, yeah, you could possibly get the lowest price there as well.”

Make sure you sign up for a frequent flyer program and use it every time you travel. It’s usually free to sign up and you get the rewards.

Marilyn DeVoe: “You can use your miles on flights, flight upgrades, vacation packages, car rentals.”

And, keep in mind, there are some travel periods where the savings are scarce.

Marilyn DeVoe: “Thanksgiving is a very, very busy period. Weekends, as we mentioned, is a busy period.”

But you can save on holidays by leaving earlier. Remember, it’s a gamble, but the earlier you book, the better.

Marilyn DeVoe: “If you’re looking for the lowest fare, you’re not a business traveler, you’re not somebody who needs to go, wants to go a specific date and a specific time, you need to book before two weeks.”

Marilyn says they have flight schedules made up about 330 days out. So, keep track online for any price changes and get those reservations early.

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