WSVN — Prepare your sweet tooth! Classic cupcakes are rolling in with a new look, and a new bakery is betting a little Nicaraguan flair can transform traditional treats. 7’s Belkys Nerey has all the delicious details in tonight’s Style File.

At first glance, you may think you’re being served up a plate of sushi, but slow your roll and tempt your taste buds with the sweet sensations of Cupcake Sushi.

Eric Claussen: “We roll it up just like sushi. It looks like sushi, a lot of people think it’s sushi, but I’m like, ‘Wait! No fish!'”

These little Key West treasures are now rolling in to the Miami area. Each delicious bite is packed with cake and ganache wrapped in buttercream frosting instead of rice, of course.

Customize your cake with your choice of fillings and toppings for an amazing one-of-a-kind snack. The three-piece sampler is only $5!

Eric Claussen: “Whatever I have available right here, they design it how they like it. Everyone has their own personal preference.”

And for the ultimate sugar rush, take home a Bento Box packed with an assortment of five flavors dipped in chocolate and decorated for just $15. Or share the sugary goodness and have them set up shop at your next party.

In Little Havana, feel like a kid again stepping into Telva Sweet Bakery.

Customer 1: “Delicious, smooth! Yum!”

Customer 2: “I had the dulce de leche. It was really good!”

Don’t let the chandeliers fool you. With cupcakes priced as low as $1.50, everyone can indulge in these delights.

The Telva team is mixing it up with some Nicaraguan flavors!

Joceline Vindell: “I have pineapple. We have strawberry. We have coconut. We have guava cheesecakes. We have guava cakes as well, which are very good. We also use meringue.”

To get that sweet and savory mix, try a customer favorite: The Nicaraguan Pico.

Joceline Vindell: “Inside it has shredded cheese from Nicaragua with cinnamon and sugar.”

From the desserts to the staff, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Joceline Vindell: “From the heart, yes! Definitely! Everything we make here, we make it with a passion.”

Telva is open seven days a week. Cupcake Sushi operates out of Key West, but if you’re looking for the Cupcake Sushi cart you can find it at the Arsht Center’s Farmer’s Market on Mondays, at the University of Miami on Wednesdays and at Lincoln Road Mall every other Sunday.

Telva Sweet Bakery
543 SW 12th Ave.
Miami, FL 33130


Cupcake Sushi

To book event call: (774) 627-8703

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