WSVN — It's called Crookstube. Crooks committing crimes on camera. Stunning videos of murders. Kidnappings. Robberies from around the country put together by two South Floridians.

Dr. Brett Goldstein, Crookstube: "I'm a chiropractor by day, crimefighter by night."

One is a doctor. One is a computer whiz.

Ryan Borcherds, Crookstube: "We had an idea. We both have other jobs, we just do this in our spare time whenever we can. We saw a need and we fulfilled it."

Its a hobby they love. A hobby that is needed. A hobby to help catch criminals.

Brett: "The whole idea was a centralized database of crime videos."

Go to and you can see videos of crimes from across the country. Crime videos put there many times by the crime victims.

Brett: "We have help from viewers. They upload videos themselves, hoping to catch suspects, so, it's just a combination of me, Ryan and the viewers out there that want to help."

The internet is becoming a great way to catch criminals, whether it's a private sight, like Crookstube or websites run by law enforcement agencies all trying to do the same thing solve cases.

Brett: "She was found in unincorporated Broward County."

Not only just catching a criminal, but sometimes identifying a crime victim.

Broward Sheriff's Office Detective Efrain Torres: "There are probably thousands of family members who have victims of crime and people who have disappeared and never been found."

BSO has a sight called Found and Forgotten. Mary Lambert was murdered 25 years ago, her brother saw her picture on the BSO website and called detectives.

Efrain Torres: "We've made a big push to try to put as much information out on this website so that people can access it and try to find information on their loved ones."

Many police agencies have websites for people to check out. Most contain still pictures of suspects or victims. Few have videos like Crookstube.

Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers Richard Masten: "I think it's a novel idea. My hat's off to them for thinking of this and putting it together."

A new way to catch criminals and another tool for law enforcement to help nab the crooks.

Richard Masten: "The suggestion that I would have to them is they sit down with Crimestoppers and see how the two could help one another, because we can provide the rewards I know they don't want to get involved in."

Brett and Ryan's Crookstube makes no money. Their reward is knowing they help catch criminals.

Ryan: "I would want people to be spending time on Crookstube every week possibly solving videos."

Go online to a website.

Efrain Torres: "The internet is very substantial for us."

If you recognize a face leave a tip.

Brett: "I love it. It's growing and we have some leads on some cases, so hopefully they'll get solved and it'll just be a domino effect."

Sit at home on your computer, watch a crime and maybe recognize a criminal, and if you want us to help you catch the killer of your friend or family member give us a call to help all the people who are still out for justice.


Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPS

Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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