Crockett Brothers

WSVN — Two local brothers are hometown heroes to many kids in our community. That’s because they prove hard work and dedication can lead you down the right path. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

Now known for their successful athletic careers, the Crockett brothers didn’t always have it so easy. They grew up in the projects of Pompano Beach.

Area scout for Oakland Raiders, Zack Crockett: “You had drugs, you had alcohol, you had everything on the same street.”

When Zack and Henri showed promise on the football field their mom taught them to use their talent as a tool.

Zack Crockett: “It was to get a college degree and get a good job.”

Both attended Florida State University on a football scholarship. They graduated and went on to the NFL.

Crockett Foundation President, Henri Crockett: “Life is all about choices. You’ve got to do great things on a consistent basis every day.”

And now they want to give back to their hometown by being role models for kids from their old neighborhood.

Henri Crockett: “If they can do it, and they can do it in a positive way, we can do it.”

They started the Crockett Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to building strong communities, focusing on better health and education.

Zack Crockett: “Education should not be a bore, it should not be something you don’t like, because that’s where you meet your friends, lifelong friends.”

Zack and Henri talk to the kids about making good choices in life. Letting them know not everyone is going to be a star athlete.

Henri Crockett: “Being the next Lebron James is one in a million, but we all can be doctors and lawyers and that’s the American dream.”

They guide them to make healthier decisions.

Henri Crockett: “When you go to different restaurants, you always have an option to make good choices.”

And push every child to reach their full potential.

Zack Crockett: “You put that hard work into it, that backbone into it, in to reading everyday in to taking care of your body everyday. You’re going to get positive things out of it.”

Of course the brothers love getting out there and throwing the ball around. Their goal is to let every child know it doesn’t matter where you came from, if you focus on where you’re going.

Zack Crockett: “There’s going to be some rough patches, but if you stay on this path, stay focused, stay determined, you’ll be successful in life.”

The Crockett Foundation is hosting a community health festival this Saturday in Pompano Beach.