It’s a simple fact of life: we work, we get paid. But when you do a job, whether as an employee or an entertainer, how long do they have to pay you? Does the law let them wait months to pay you? It’s why one Elvis Presley entertainer called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Whether its singing or acting, Kim Nichols wants to teach it.

Kim Nichols: “I was a drama coach. All the plays’ music, music teacher, played piano, sing so I gave voice and piano lessons.”

And when she isn’t teaching and tutoring, Kim is an entertainer.

Kim Nichols: “I love Elvis.”

Elvis has been dead for 37 years but lives on in Elvis impersonators and Kim works with one of them, Barry Porter.

Kim helps Barry during his performances handing out leis, sometimes singing herself.

Kim Nichols: “I have sung a couple of times with Barry, done a few little ‘Love Me Tender.'”

Kim also books shows for the Elvis impersonator. And last year got a call from the Horizon Club, a senior living facility in Deerfield.

Kim Nichols: “So what about doing one here? You could do a show here and bring Elvis. We’ll do a whole Vegas day.”

Kim and Elvis showed up to do a simple, inexpensive show, only charging the Horizon Club $350. She says the elderly crowd loved it.

Kim Nichols: “One guy was sitting videoing and he said ‘it’s Elvis! It’s Elvis!’ and his daughter was sitting there with him and she said ‘no, daddy it’s not really Elvis.”

Like at other shows after Barry performed, they danced with Elvis, got their kisses from him, and said ‘thanks.’

Kim Nichols: “In fact, a couple ladies came up and said ‘you know, for one night I was young again. I was like, you know, back a young girl.'”

A perfect day but not a perfect pay day.

Kim Nichols: “They were supposed to pay us on the day of the show. We got there and they said it’s complications but they said ‘don’t worry. We will get the check to you. You will have it within a week.”

A week went by, then another and another.

Kim Nichols: “We will call you. They never called.”

A week became six weeks. Still no payment for the Elvis show.

Kim Nichols: “She said it was in the mail, it was coming. It was in the mail. You know that famous saying.”

Kim gave up and called Help Me Howard.

Kim Nichols: “It’s very frustrating, very frustrating.”

Well Howard, they did the show. Everyone was happy, but legally how long do you have to wait to be paid?

Howard Finkelstein: “Unless it’s in the contract, the law says a reasonable amount of time, which usually means one billing cycle or four weeks. If they dont pay, you may have to sue and when you win, you get the money owed plus interest.”

I contacted the Horizon Club. Their attorney told me they had sent a check. They were now going to issue a new one and forward it immediately. The attorney added they value their vendors and entertainers and pay their invoices timely and according to routine procedures. When I asked specifically how many days was routine, I was told “it varies depending on the situation. Glad this is resolved.”

Howard Finkelstein: “This involved an independent contractor. If you worked for a company and can’t get paid, there are several agencies to contact from the county to the federal government, get in touch with them and they can help you get your paycheck.”

Kim got the $350 check and now Elvis also known as Barry, won’t be singing the blues about the money.

Kim Nichols: “Anyway it was nice to finally get the money, the check and I do owe it all to Patrick Fraser.”

Patrick Fraser: “Not just me, all of us at Help Me Howard help out.”

Problems got you all shook up? Feel like saying “don’t be cruel?” Contact us. We will be on it like a houndog and let you tell that troublemaker return to sender. Good thing I didn’t sing all those Elvis songs.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser 7News.

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