RALEIGH, NC — An awesome display of compassion by a Raleigh Police Officer was captured on North Carolina DOT cameras. 

Officer Dan Hicks was credited with saving a man’s life on Wednesday when he found him sitting on the edge of an interstate bridge. 

Office Hicks said he gave the man his first name, told him he was there to help and simply asked the man to come off the bridge with him. 

When the man agreed, Hicks instinctively pulled the man in for a hug. 

"He got a big old Dan Hicks bear hug, whether he wanted it or not. The other part of it was he was not going to be given the opportunity to go over that bridge again. He got to stand there with me for a second and get that hug. Call it tactical, call it compassionate, I think it was probably both" said Hicks. 

Officer Hicks said the man got some mental health help after the incident. 

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