Cook Like a Chef

WSVN — Thanks to reality TV, we've all seen the pressure of fast-paced restaurant kitchens. Now us ordinary folks can find out what it's like to be a top chef for a day during the reality cooking class at Chef Allen's restaurant in Aventura.

Chef Allen Susser: "I think coming into the kitchen and seeing how we work and learning about food firsthand, that's the reality of cooking."

For about five hours, you'll work beside Susser and his chefs, learning tricks of the trade.

Chef Allen Susser: "It's not a recipe class at all. It's a techniques class. They can learn 15 to 20 different new techniques that they can apply to their own cooking."

Like how to pick out and cut fresh fish, peel ginger and slice mango.

Chef Allen Susser: "Now, if you're a mango lover, this is where it's at. See how nice and juicy he eats it. That is delicious."

Alana Gissen: "Chef Allen is great. He explains things very well."

You'll even experience unique ingredients you've probably never seen before.

Chef Allen Susser: "Like here we've got the jackfruit. Look, it's a monster fruit. Look at that. Come here, touch that."

You can stay through the hectic dinner rush and hopefully leave the kitchen with some new culinary skills.

Alana Gissen: "When I used to cook my onions I would let them simmer. Now I know that I have to shake it up a little."

lana Gissen: "I'm definitely going to do this at home. It's inspired me. Now I want to cook more."

The Obamas aren't the only ones growing a garden these days. At Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, they've got a garden full of spice.

Chef Gabriel Fenton: "This is our herb garden here. We pick fresh herbs for our kitchen everyday. We have lemon grass, basil, rosemary, thyme."

Chef Gabriel Fenton of Bourbon Steak is offering a unique experience where he'll take you on a tour of the garden.

Chef Gabriel Fenton: "We'll do tasting in the garden, taste fresh herbs, and then we'll go back and cook lunch together."

During the show-and-tell, you'll see and smell a lot.

Olivier Levenfiche: "It was interesting to see when he broke the lemongrass how distinct the scent was."

Tania Levenfiche: "The avocado tree was amazing. I never knew it grew like that."

Once you've got all your ingredients, you'll head back to the kitchen to use them in a gourmet meal.

Olivier Levenfiche: "It's a novel idea because then you know it genuinely is fresh."

Even better, sit down with some fine wine and enjoy all your labor.


Bourbon Steak at Turnberry 19999 W. Country Club Dr.Aventura, FL 33180-2401(786) 279-6600

Chef Allen'sReality Cooking Class19088 NE 29th Ave. Aventura, FL 33180 305.935.2900