WSVN — Consuelo Morrero was a mother of four and a grandmother to everyone.

Vilma Perez: "Everybody called her grandmother and she was a person who loved to help everybody, and the was very giving, very giving, very loving and very giving."

Now she is gone, killed by a hit and run driver on Fathers Day in June 2005 as she crossed Flagler Street on a rainy Sunday night. 

Officer Alex Cueto: "Unfortunately, the driver of that vehicle hit her, sent her flying and continued driving west on Flagler without even stopping to check on her to see how she was doing."

Consuelo's body flew 60 feet in the air, she died instantly, and truth be told part of her two daughters died that night as well.

Vilma Perez: "That was chaos. I was just going crazy. I lost my job, I lost everything."

Janet Marerro: "I think about my mother when I go to sleep. I think about my mother when I wake up in the morning, when I have coffee because I always had coffee with her in the morning."

Janet and Vilma think about their mother every day. Then think about the driver who killed her and never bothered to stop..

Vilma Perez: "He killed something that was the greatest love of my life."

Janet Marerro: "You go out, you enjoy life knowing not only that you killed somebody but you just left them on the side of the road like she was an animal."

Witnesses told police the driver hit Consuelo in a Maroone car, possibly an older Ford, maybe an LTD.

Officer Alex Cueto: "We don't know exactly where it would be, but the damage would be to the front end and it would be extensive. Possibly also damage to the windshield."

Vilma has no idea why her mother was walking to her house that night. The two had spent the day shopping, and Vilma will never forget what turned out to be her last words with her mother.

Vilma Perez: "So she goes to me, so God bless you, we'll talk some more, and I said yes mom, God bless you too, and she says, so we'll see each other tomorrow and that was it."

She is heartbroken that she will never see her mother, and the family is furious that someone could kill her and not even care.

Janet Marerro: "How could you live with yourself like that? I mean how can you, I don't think a person can call themselves a human being."

Patrick Fraser: "In an ideal world, the person who hit Consuelo here on Flagler would step forward, but we don't live in that world. By now, the car is probably gone or painted a different color, but detectives are hoping someone who saw the damaged in 2005 or who worked on it at a repair shop might help out."

Officer Alex Cueto: "They can come forward anonymously, no one has to know their name or anything. We just need that one piece of information that could possibly give this family some closure."

Its hard for Consuelo's family to live without her, but they live on by remembering the words she always told them.

Janet Marerro: "When you think you've lost hope just pray, pray, pray and I'm telling you God answers. God can move mountains. You think not, it might not happen right away but trust me God moves mountains."

And they hope God can move someone to make a phone call. If you remember seeing a Maroone car damaged back in June of 2005 around Fathers Day, give Miami police a call.

If you aren't certain still call and let detectives check it out, and if you have lost a loved one. If you don't want people to forget, give us a call and remind everyone you are still Out for Justice.


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