COCONUT GROVE, Fla. (WSVN) — City commissioners have ruled in favor of the Walmart project to come to Midtown Miami.

After more then two years to allow the retailer to Midtown Miami, city officials have finally reached an agreement, Thursday night.

Last month, the Planning and Zoning and Appeals Board granted a permit for Walmart to open up a 203,000-square-foot structure at the south end of Midtown.

Opponent’s of the project tried to argue one last time and said the project does not meet code. “Our issue is that the proper procedure needs to be followed,” said opponent’s attorney Paul Savage.

Outside the city chamber, an email surfaced on Wednesday morning. City officials said the former chief of urban design Enrique D. Nuñez sent the controversial email in March to employees.

The email showed pictures mocking Walmart costumers with the caption “Coming to Midtown.”

Francisco Garcia is the director of Planning and Zoning, and was was Nunez’ boss. “It contains some images that are quite frankly regrettable,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s department oversees the permitting process including the Walmart issue. Garcia said he learned about the email hours before the final meeting.

Nunez has retired several months ago.

Commissioners unanimously rejected the opponent’s last appeal. Opponent’s will have to take their fight to court, which they say they will.

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