(WSVN) — Heather Orta can’t wait to begin her new life as a college freshman.

Heather Orta: “In the fall semester, I’ll be going to Wellsley College in Boston, Massachusetts and I am extremely excited.”
Her biggest challenge so far, packing.

Heather Orta: “So you really want to take everything but you can’t. You have to limit how much you take.”

Retailers are helping college bound students with items made just for them.

Kimberly Robertson: “We have special merchandise especially for dorm rooms to save space and of course to save time because we try to make it a one-stop shop.”

Target created a special college checklist.

Kimberly Robertson: “So this year we’re really focusing on the bold and bright colors.”

From colorful crates and kitchenware, to bright blankets and neon hangers, Target’s room essentials line is all about saving space and money.

Kimberly Robertson: “So we have the big packets of towels to match the rest of the room’s decor, the caddies to make it easy for students to get back and forth to communal bathrooms.”

Dorm decor gets a boost from specially designed frames, lamps and this lounge chair.
For extra savings, Target has a new debit card.

Kimberly Robertson: “It gives you five percent on every purchase and that’s on top of any discount or coupons or sale that we have.”

Looking for the latest in electronics? Check out Walmart.

Sandra Lamour-Hoff: “Right now the iPad mini is running for $329.”

From Apple products to HD window laptops, prices have been rolled back just in time for the first semester. Including great deals on dorm furnishings.

Sandra Lamour-Hoff: “It’s an end table for either a laptop or a nook and it’s only $20 value.”

Heather is trying to pack light but knows dorm life will be a big transition.

Heather Orta: “Now I have to think about two other people who live in the same space, so keeping my act together.”
Both Walmart and Target will ship any items ordered on-line to the store closest to your child’s college campus. And if you have a story idea for money monday, send an email to moneymonday@wsvn.com.

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