WSVN — Nancy Simon is a member of the Miami Lakes town council. She was also once a licensed real estate agent.

But in our lawmaker or lawbreaker special report, we questioned if simon had continued to act as a realtor "after" her license lapsed which is illegal in the state of florida.

Nancy Simon: "I have not ma'am.

Carmel Cafiero: "You're certain you haven't?

Nancy Simon: "I'm certain, I haven't."

She insisted, it never happened.

Nancy Simon: "But the fact is, I've not made one dime off of real estate for three years, one dime."

But in the year after her license expired Nancy Simon was paid $28,144.20 in real estate commissions. Despite her earlier denials to Seven news, Simon signed this administrative complaint admitting guilt and agreeing to pay $2,500 in fines and $280 in administrative costs.

Gus Abella: "I personally was satisfied that the truth came out."

Gus Abella and his wife Miriam Mendoza were the first to blow the whistle on Simon's activities.

Miriam Mendoza: "I thought that it was taking a lot of time, but I am pleased with the outcome."

It's been a long road for the activist couple and an expensive one for the town.

Nancy Simon: "My fear is that I believe Mr. Abella to have a very violent temper and I do not want to be exposed to violence."

Simon tried to get a permanent injunction against gus claiming he had harassed her.

Nancy Simon: "There is insufficient evidence to issue this injunction."

Judge Victoria Brennan turned it down after a long hearing. Three attorneys represented Simon at a cost of more than $8,000 which the town paid, and now Simon could cost the town even more.

Joseph Glick: "The flyers are on Nancy Simon's stationary."

Attorney Joseph Glick has notified Miami Lakes and Simon they will be named in a lawsuit over these two flyers.

Joseph Glick: "They say the town of Miami Lakes with Nancy Simon's picture on them."

The flyers were distributed at Gus and Miriam's condo around the time of the harassment hearing. The flyers contain false allegations against the couple. Among them that Gus is a criminal.

Joseph Glick: "Which is not true at all and that Abella and Mendoza might be into identity theft which is something that is clear out of the blue and totally untrue."

Joseph Glick: "However, we have not been able to prove that and with all due respect for Ms. Simon we can't say that she did that."

Carmel Cafiero: "Nancy Simon did not return repeated calls for comment. However, she no doubt will be pleased with this bit of news, Gus and Miriam say they've had it with Miami Lakes and plan to move to Broward County. Carmel Cafiero Seven news."

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