WSVN — She was a happily married woman, the mother of an adorable little 6-year-old girl.

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "She's a very beautiful girl, a wonderful mother, and she was very, very happy."

He was an illegal immigrant, out drinking and driving.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Florida Highway Patrol: "We know he does not have his driver's license, we know he's illegal."

She pulled her car over to the side of I-95. Police say he crossed three lanes of traffic and hit her.

Corp. Linda Banks, Florida Highway Patrol: "Christina was standing in the area here. As you can see, the door was open. That's why you have that backward crush damage on it."

Christina Pokrajak is dead. Her family is devastated.

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "I lost my daughter-in-law."

Jose Arturo Palomino ditched the car in a field. He is in hiding.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Florida Highway Patrol: "He called his brother-in-law who owned the car and made a comment to him about that he had his car and he was involved in a serious crash."

Today, Christina's family is convinced Palomino is somewhere in South Florida, near his family.

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "I know in Belle Glade, he has a two kids and an ex-wife, and he was two sisters, one brother, a nephew, so he's somewhere."

The Florida Highway Patrol says if he went back to Mexico, there is no record of it.

Corp. Linda Banks, Florida Highway Patrol: "He's probably in a heavily-populated Mexican community. I feel as though if he's working, he's working somewhere where he's able to be paid on a cash basis."

Lourdes is convinced Palomino's large family knows exactly where he is. She even called one of his sisters to ask where.

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "And she said, 'I don't want to talk with you. I'm going to call the police.'"

But instead, the Florida Highway Patrol talked to Palomino's family. They weren't much help.

Corp. Linda Banks, Florida Highway Patrol: "Very uncooperative. Initially, I visited the sister. The only thing she did to help me out was she did give me a picture."

Patrick Fraser: "Why did Christina stop on the side of the Interstate? No one will ever know. Why did Palomino race across three lanes of traffic and slam into her car? Probably something to do with drinking, but to answer the other questions, the Highway Patrol needs to be told where Palomino is hiding. They want to know. The daughter of the woman he killed also wants to know."

Corp. Linda Banks, Florida Highway Patrol: "I remember this little girl saying she just wants the bad person to be caught that took her mother away."

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "See how beautiful she was in this picture?"

Christina's family has waited three years for this man to be caught.

Lourdes Klein, Mother-in-law: "If somebody sees the picture and recognizes this guy, please call the police."

Jose Arturo Palomino, a illegal Mexican immigrant, 5 feet 9 inches, 165 pounds when he went into hiding. Maybe you have seen him around. Maybe you are not sure.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Florida Highway Patrol: "If you're not sure, it doesn't matter. Just make the call, and it's something that we can investigate."

He allegedly killed a young mother, then ran. Take a look at him. If you think you have seen him, give Broward Crime Stoppers a call. There is a cash reward out for the person who makes the anonymous call to help nab him.

Also, if you worry that people have forgotten about your loved one that was murdered, give us a call and discover how many people are still Out for Justice.


Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPSOut For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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