Child Watch

WSVN — To say Bobbilee Tanner is a busy mom would be an understatement. She home schools her three young children andd her middle one 5-year old Sadie was born with a disability.Bobbilee Tanner: "She was walking with a walker at age 2 1/2."So when she discovered the Greater Hollywood YMCA Family Center, it became a bright spot in her otherwise hectic day.Bobbilee Tanner: "I want to keep myself healthy because it's easy as a mom to not focus on ourselves."She found the child watch program where kids are not only supervised by a highly-trained staff, but can play, do arts and crafts and socialize while mom can take some time for herself like an exercise class all under the same roof.Bobbilee Tanner: "I feel like they're doing something in there, they're active and I can go get free and spend some time working out."The YMCA says the goal is to help busy, sometimes stressed out parents, find that much-needed break.Maryalicia Johnson: "We really work hard to be able to help families and moms provide that balance in life."Rosemarie also has three young children. She can leave her little one in child watch while she goes to volunteer in her 4 year old's pre-school class.Rosemarie Camas: "That's really important to me to be involved with my children and the Y offers that."Other days she can come and enjoy a yoga class, all the while knowing her kids are well taken care of. Rosemarie Camas: "I feel at peace leaving my child there knowing they will care for my child just like I would."It's all about offering parents options.Maryalicia Johnson: "You can gain that balance in life that you're looking for and you can actually find ways to be more productive in your daily living."Bobbilee says coming to the Y helped her daughter Sadie come out of her shell, and as of May last year, she no longer needed her walker.Bobbilee Tanner: "You can't come here and go unnoticed. You come here to know you are going to be a part of something."Once you become a member of the Y all services are included. And there is financial assistance for families who need it. FOR MORE INFORMATION:The YMCA of Broward