WSVN — The sight plays and over in Sanya Stewart's mind. Last summer walking into her home thinking her daughter was sleeping on the floor. Her young daughter dead.

Sanya Stewart: "The last time I shook her, and saw she was dead. I put my hands up to my head and said oh my God somebody must have murdered Chian, who could have killed her?"

Chian Anderson was two days away from graduating every day a mothers dream daughter.

Sanya Stewart: "Chian was always happy girl, loving. Everywhere she went people loved her."

But someone did not; someone for some reason wanted her dead.

Detective Scott Champagne: "Monday June 25, 2007 Broward Sheriffs responded to a residence in Tamarac"

Scott Champagne was one of the first detectives to get to the Stewarts home in Tamarac.

Detective Scott Champagne: "We do have independent witnesses that observed what they described as a young black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt, who knock on the front door of the residence. They also gave statements to the fact that the victim allowed to let the suspect come into the house."

Patrick Fraser: "Chian clearly knew her killer, but obviously had no idea why he had come to see her, but the killer had it all planned out because when witnesses saw him come in the front door and leave out the back door, he had that hood covering his head. A hood to hide the face of a man who came to commit a murder."

Detective Scott Champagne: "We tend to lean that way considering the fact that the assailant made efforts and attempts to conceal his identity."

Making it tough for detectives, Chian was such a well liked good person.

Detective Scott Champagne: "There is nothing that indicates that Chian contributed to her death, it was not like she was involved in any type of illegal activity that may bring about this, and that's what makes it a little bit more hard to swallow."

Chian was a wonderful girl, but her mother used to warn her that some of her young friends were not so nice.

Sanya Stewart: "I said you need to drop those friends, she said "Mommy, all the friends that I have they are from high school." I said, 'Chian you know them from high school but you do not know them now.'"

Who knows who murdered Chian, detectives have leads but no one to lock in on.

Detective Scott Champagne: "We are currently working on people of interest, but to sit here and say that we have an absolute suspect, no."

No suspect in jail, no way to ease the pain for a suffering mother.

Sanya Stewart: "I have sleepless nights sometimes I feel like am going crazy. My daughter did not deserve to die this way."

Chian did not deserve to die this way, no mother deserves to suffer this way.

Sanya Stewart: "I said God please show me who killed my child. They did not kill her they murdered her, they murdered her, they murdered her and leave her lifeless body for me, what a cruel act."

A cruel act that can be partly corrected in one way, with a call. If you know anything about the murder of Chian Anderson last July, Broward Sheriff Detective Champaigne would appreciate the call that will nab a killer, and if you lost a friend or a family member. If you are still Out for Justice contact us, and let us help police catch a killer.


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