WSVN — Lacey is getting a checkup and so is Lola.

Lacey and Lola are patients at Cheap Shots, a low-cost vet clinic on wheels.

Dr. Leland: It’s a rolling hospital everything is basically contained in 26 feet.”

Dr. Leland Corbridge is on the road every week bringing affordable vet care to patients from Orlando to Key West.

Dr. Leland: “For years I was in stationary practices and so many times we were sending people home because they couldn’t’t afford the treatment for the animal along with the vaccines because they were overdue for the vaccines as well. So I decided, look- there’s got to be a better option, a better way.”

Cheap Shots was licensed in 2005. Their services include vaccines, dental care, spay and neuter surgeries, heartworm testing and much more. But they do it for much less.

Elizabeth Hunter: “It actually makes you feel like you can take care of your pets no matter what goes on in your life. You can always give them the best care that they deserve and also put a little money in your pocketbook.”

Nancy Warner Runs Forgotten Felines, a rescue group in Marathon.

They bring many of their rescued kitties to Cheap Shots for care. They say saving 30 or 50 percent or more really helps.

Nancy Warner: “It’s critical to have medical care with the low cost issues these groups like Cheap Shots you can’t get it any cheaper.”

Pet owners save money and their four-legged friends don’t have to wait in a crowded office.

Joy Tatgenhorst: “Lola seems like like going to the vet and not very many dogs like going to the vet.”

It’s a win win for the animals and the doctor.

Dr. Leland: “I love what I do. I practiced for years in regular free standing clinics I never used to get thank yous from people, and now and every weekend I get a thank you. It’s not just financial rewards, it’s personal rewards involved too.”

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