?WSVN — Two recent Help Me Howards on Channel 7 and two amazing results. A woman who bought a bad car, a teenager who lived through the allegation that his father killed his mother. South Floridians saw the stories and what they did was amazing. Here is tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When our Help Me Howard with Elizabeth Antuna aired, she told us about the 2014 used car she had just bought.

Elizabeth Antuna: “I asked them about the Carfax. They brought out the Carfax. It showed a clean record. No car accidents.”

But after the car started breaking down, she discovered the used car salesman had given her an old Carfax that didn’t reveal the vehicle had been in an accident and was worth half the $21,000 she paid for it.

Elizabeth Antuna: “I wanted to cry. I was embarrassed.”

The dealership refused to take the car back and return Elizabeth’s money. Frank Esposito watched the Help Me Howard story that night.

Frank Esposito: “I contacted Channel 7, Patrick Fraser.”

Frank owns Scammer Guard, a company that helps people who feel they have been ripped off. He says he did a little research. Then went with Elizabeth to talk to the owner of Master Car International where she bought the used car.

Frank Esposito: “I told him it does not look good. What I have does not look right and I think that she is unhappy. And if she pursues her options that are available to her, he may not be happy.”

Gary Weinsoff owns Master Car International.

Gary Weinsoff: “I found out after the fact. I learned a lot today after talking to the customer Elizabeth what went on. I didn’t even known know half of it.”

Weinsoff says it was one of his employees who sold the vehicle with the old Carfax. After meeting with Frank and Elizabeth, he took the car back and returned Elizabeth’s money.”

Frank Esposito: “He was a gentleman to me and the customer and he made it right by giving her basically what she wanted.”

Gary Weinsoff: “We have been in business for 22 years. I don’t want my name trashed or bad publicity or anything like that and I just want to know the right thing was done.”

Elizabeth then went and bought a brand new car.

Elizabeth Antuna: “I’m beyond grateful. I have told Frank many times. For him, for the Channel 7 News.”

Elizabeth’s was helped with a car deal. When Raul’s story was on Help Me Howard, it revolved around a death.

Raul Villafanez: “Back in 2010, my father killed my mother and my cousin.”

Raul was 13 at the time. Today he is 18 and wants to become a police officer. But he needed his state certified birth certificate and a drivers license.

Raul Villafanez: “To get my birth certificate I need a Florida ID card. To get a Florida ID card, I need my birth certificate. It’s not that easy.”

After I gathered some documents, Florida’s Department of Vital Statistics sent Raul the birth certificate he needed. Then our story aired. Jules Boucicaut and his wife were watching.

Jules Boucicaut: “We both at the same time said we need to jump in and help this young man get his license.”

Jules owns Achovia Traffic School. He donated his time to prepare Raul for the written and driving test. And.

Jules Boucicaut: “So he passed the test.”

Patrick Fraser: “So he was good?”

Jules Boucicaut: “He was good. He is a very polite young man. I am very proud. Because of your help, I jumped in and helped him.”

Jules even paid for the license.

Raul Villafanez: “I say thank you. People like Jules. I say thank you. They help people that really need it.”

But that’s not all, a police officer who asked me not to reveal his name saw the Help Me Howard and went to work.

He spoke to the police union and several other officers who want to help Raul become an officer.

They are going to get the funds to enroll Raul in the police academy. The officers are also collecting money to find a place for him to live. Raul has told us a person who also wants to remain anonymous has contacted him and is giving him a car. And the officers also contacted john williams from 50 State Security.

John Williams: “And if there was anything we can do to help him out, we’d love to.”

John says 50 State Security is putting Raul through their training academy.

John Williams: “And kind of oversee his activity and get him a job with us or someone else as a security officer.”

Raul called us for help. We did a little. Wonderful South Floridians are doing a lot.

Raul Villafanez: “Thank you, man.”

Jules Boucicaut: “It’s a pleasure man. It’s a pleasure.”

Raul Villafanez: “Best teacher here.”

Jules Boucicaut: “If we can help him we are happy happy to do it.”

Raul Villafanez: “Moving on. Getting everything straight. One step at a time.”

Patrick Fraser: “Now if you catch me speeding one day, if you have that gun and badge, just give me one break, alright?”

Raul’s life has made an amazing change since he called us. Elizabeth is driving with no worries. All because of South Floridians who saw their stories and wanted to help.

They are wonderful people and if you would like to do business with them, check for more information below.

No birth certificate, no ID, no car? No problem. Contact us. We do out best, and because of the best in South Florida things get accomplished. Thanks to all of you.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser 7News.

Frank Esposito
Scammer Guard

Jules Boucicaut 
Achovia Driving and Traffic School


John Williams
50 State Security

Gary Weinsoff
Master Car International 

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