WSVN — Getting the perfect look in your home design can sometimes be as easy as getting the lighting right. On tonight’s Room for Improvement, our makeover maestro is shedding some light on a “blah” bedroom.

Martin Amado: “On today’s Room for Improvement, we are giving this bedroom a bit more style. Even though we have a beautiful bed, the entire space is lacking any decor– a bit hohum, if you know what I mean. But, that’s about to change in one day. Let’s get to work.”

Martin Amado: “The first thing we need to address is the lighting. If you notice, we have a very small fixture with a tall ceiling. It just doesn’t work. We need something with a bit more presence, and I have just the thing and it doesn’t cost a dime!”

Martin Amado: “We have this beautiful chandelier in an unusual area, so I want to take full advantage of it and place it in the bedroom.”

Martin Amado: “Love it! The best part is it was free.”

Martin Amado: “The homeowner doesn’t have the original paint color to cover up these patches, so my idea, instead of having to paint the entire wall a brand new color, is to simply create a painted border as a solution around the window.”

Martin Amado: “So we have a lot of gray walls, but now I’m adding the color with the window treatments.”

Martin Amado: “Having a place to keep your jewelry and accessories organized is of the utmost importance to a woman. So inside this box is the perfect solution that combines form and function.”

Martin Amado: “Gorgeous! Because we have a tall ceiling, I chose lamps that are a bigger scale or else they get lost in the space.”

Martin Amado: “The more layers on a bed, the more luxurious it looks.”

Martin Amado: “Pop of yellow to tie in with the curtains and gold to tie in with the prints and also the new chandelier.”

Martin Amado: “The finishing piece at the foot of the bed, I love! Not only do you have seating, but you have storage inside. So you can even technically use it as a hamper. No one will ever know.”

Martin Amado: “Even though we have silver accents throughout the room, I mixed the metals by adding in some gold accents to tie in with the chandelier, and it’s also the trend in home design. It all works. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

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