WSVN — Mention the name Chad McMurray and watch Shannon's face.

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "Chad was amazing. I can't even say his name without the smile."

Chad was Shannon's partner, living together. Their first date, winding up on the beach.

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "Whenever I think of the beach, that's what I think of, because I've never had anyone take me to the beach. I know that sounds kind of sounds crazy, but I'm not from Florida originally."

But the two will never enjoy the waves again. A killer guaranteed that.

Detective John Curcio, Broward Sheriff's Office: "Immediately when they got to the location, they could tell it was a homicide crime scene."

Patrick Fraser: "In August 2010, Shannon was in St. Louis on business. When Chad didn't answer the phone that night, Shannon asked a friend to check on him, and got a call back."

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "'Chad's truck is gone, and the garage door's open.' Well, we never left the garage door open, so right then, I can't really explain how I felt, but I just felt something was just horribly wrong."

Chad had been murdered. His truck was found the next day backed into this apartment complex in Lauderhill.

Detective John Curcio, Broward Sheriff's Office: "My belief is whoever dropped it spent some time with the vehicle, attempting to dispose of any evidence that he was in the truck."

At the house, there was no sign of forced entry, leading detectives to conclude, Chad knew the killer and let him in.

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "Chad was 6 feet 2 inches, 225 [pounds], all muscle. He was a big guy, a really big guy, and I don't know how they could have done that."

But someone did kill him. Why? Maybe robbery, maybe related to drugs.

Detective John Curcio, Broward Sheriff's Office: "At times, during times in his life, he had a substance abuse problem and that on occasion when his roomate would travel out of town, sometimes he would regress into a substance abuse problem."

Chad was in Narcotics Anonymous and was clean at the time of his murder, leaving so many questions, not many answers.

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "You kind of drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out, because you just don't know what direction to go."

Detective Curcio is working hard on the case and thinks the truck may the key.

Detective John Curcio, Broward Sheriff's Office: "The truck's key, because it was placed in the back of an apartment complex that was basically abandoned, and for somebody to have spent the kind of time at the truck that I believe the suspect spent, somebody would have noticed it, I think."

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "The detective always tells me it's one phone call away, and that makes sense. We just need one person to say, 'This is what I know.'"

And so Chad's family and friends wait for that one phone call, thinking about Chad, who loved life, who was a chef who loved to cook for his friends.

Shannon Prewitt, Chad's Partner: "When they took Chad that night, they didn't kill one person. They killed a part of several people, and that's what happens when someone's murdered."

One phone call can stop one killer. If you know who may have robbed and murdered Chad McMurray, if you saw someone hauling stuff out of this truck, give Broward Crime Stoppers a call.

And if you feel that people have forgotten about your loved one, your friend, give us a call and find out how many people are still Out for Justice.


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