WSVN — Just in time to ease the summer boredom, we’ve got a sneaky way to get your child excited about going to a museum.

Lilly: “It looks so cute here.”

Fiona: “It’s fun because I hit the ball.”

Let them take a shot at the mini-golf exhibit inside a gallery at the Coral Gables Museum.

Saskia McPhail: “You golf through the streets of Paris or you go through the carrot patch with the bunnies.”

Lilly: “We’re not sweating in the heat.”

Since the museum’s focus is on architecture, each hole on the golf course was designed and built by some of the leading architects in Miami.

Christine Rupp-Director, Coral Gables Museum: “The requirement for the hole design was it had be focused on architecture and design and possibly be reflective of a venue here in Coral Gables.”

You can knock a ball through the Coral Gables Farmers Market or how about shooting around a historic landmark like the Alhambra Water Tower.

Enrique Oropeza: “It has an easy hole here and you can make a hole in one shot.”

You might even get some pointers from a pro golfer who designed her hole after a spot on the Biltmore Golf Course.

Tracy Kerdyk-Retired Pro Golfer: “It’s after the Ole 7th hole and an old bridge that went across the water there. What makes it difficult is trying to get it over the bridge.”

Some of the architects even took their work to foreign places.

Robert Dajer-Architect: “We tried to mimic the city blocks of the streets of Paris. We made it durable enough that kids can walk all over it kinda like Godzilla through Paris.”

And once you’re done putting the ball, get some education by walking through the museum.

Christine Rupp-Director, Coral Gables Museum: “The Coral Gables Museum just opened up in October of 2011. Our focus is architecture, urban design and planning, and preservation.”

Having fun and learning sounds like a hole in one to me.

If you’re not a member of the Coral gables museum, a round of mini-golf is $8 for children and $10 for adults. The mini-golf exhibit goes until the end of September.


Coral Gables Museum285 Aragon AvenueCoral Gables, FL (305) 603-8067

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