Car Apps

WSVN — We all have had car trouble.

RepairPal is an app that helps you get an estimate of what it should cost to repair your car. Compare RepairPal estimates with local shops so they don’t overcharge you to fix the problem.

The app also directs you to local mechanics where you can read reviews before you go and it will keep track of the services you have done to your car, and even helps you get roadside assistance for any type of emergency.

If you own an electric vehicle, this app is a must. PlugShare helps you locate charging stations all around the United States. So you can charge your car on your way to your next destination.

You can add new locations, set alerts to know when a charging station is not being used, and even pay through the app.

And you can never be too safe on the road. iOnRoad gives you an extra pair of eyes on the road. The app helps keep a safe distance from other cars to avoid accidents. The app will warn you when you are too close.

Just mount your phone to your windshield and the app will track your speed as you drive. It also monitors your speed and keeps you from texting while driving, making it app-solutely safe for you and others on the road.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.

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