WSVN — Say good-bye to the regular old boring pictures and transform your photos into fun memories. Craig Stevens is here now with today’s appsolute must-have downloads.

Be a modern day superhero.

ElementFX lets you take pictures or upload an existing photo so you can add different effects to them. All you need to do is strike a pose.

From fireballs to bubbles and magical lights, there is enough effects to make your picture standout and make it seem like you have super powers. Change the intensity of the effect or make it the right size to fit your picture’s need.

Who said your pets can’t have a little camera fun?

BarkCam brings out your pets personality. Add hats, mustaches, fruity drinks and even a few hearts.

The app features sounds to get your pets attention so you can snap the perfect picture. Once you’re done, share your silly pet photos with friends and family.

And if you need to grow an inch or two, Spring does just that. The app increases your height in pictures, allowing you to adjust your body’s proportions, making you slim up in all the right places so you are always camera ready.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.

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