Cake Delivery

WSVN — Ana Paz she's made a big name in this city as baker to the stars and a bride's dream cakemaker, but now you don't have to get married to enjoy her special cakes.

Ana's daughter, Sarah has started a unique cake delivery company called Office Cakes.

Sarah Paz Claro: "I was raised in the cake business. The niche of the Office Cake is bringing cakes to your door the way you send someone flowers."

Think Cake Boss Meets 1-800 Flowers whether you want to say happy birthday, congratulations or thank you. They'll make a fresh cake and it deliver it during office hours.

Sarah Paz Claro: "You call me up, tell me their favorite colors, their favorite flavor, and it arrives at their office."

It makes the next office party much easier and tastier.

Kevin Levy: "You don't have to figure out who's going to get the cake. You can just call them. Makes the logistics very easy."

This Miami Law Firm received a thank you cake with their company logo on it from an appreciative client

Kevin Levy: "Everyone got to enjoy this. When you get flowers, they stay in one place. The cake, everyone came running."

Another young lady even got a sparkling cake from her boss to celebrate her U.S. Citizenship.

Edith Vargas: "I'm really excited for that. Finally, one of my dreams is coming true. It's really cool to know people around me are happy for that too."

If you're looking for another unique delivery, how about a bouquet of Cake Pops in case you haven't heard of a cake pop, here's what it is.

Desiree Polazzo: "Cake on a stick. It's very condensed, its kinda like a brownie form, but it is cake. With a cake pop it's three bites and it's guiltless."

Desiree Polazzo of Cake Pop-It can deliver a bundle of cake pops decorated for any occasion.

Desiree Polazzo: "The sky is the limit and the creativity has no boundaries."

Claudio Resnick: "It's from my wife Great surprise. I need to call her to say thanks."

Desiree can even mold a pop to look just like you or the person you're celebrating.

Desiree Polazzo: "We do it with fondant, and we actually do the the color of their skin, their hair, their eyes, jewelry or anything that would resemble them."

Desiree Polazzo: "We made a cake pop that looks like Belkys. I hope you enjoy eating it just as much as we enjoyed making it."

Looks good. Just hope no one wants to bite my head off.

The cakes cost about the same as you would get at a bakery or grocery store .but you do pay more for delivery.


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