MIAMI (WSVN) — The Florida Highway Patrol has released footage of the moment a garbage truck fell from Interstate 95, last month.

The footage from the Feb. 15 accident shows the driver, Kaseem Smith, driving a City of Miami garbage truck on I-95 near Seventh Street. Police said Smith then lost control and fell 100 feet off of the highway into José Martí Park.

Troopers said it’s a miracle that no lives were lost. "In the video, you see him hitting the left guardrail twice, and then overreacting and going off I-95," said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Sanchez. "It’s a miracle that he survived."

The park is used often by the community, but due to President’s Day holiday, the park was empty. "What could have been was this truck could have landed on a bunch of kids down in the park. It’s José Martí Park. It’s a park that’s heavily used," Sanchez said. "There’s a pool, there’s a community center. And thank God through this whole entire ordeal, no one lost their lives."

Smith was hospitalized at the Ryder Trauma Center but has since been released. "I thought my brother was gone," said Smith’s sister. "I was like, ‘He’s dead.’ Can’t nobody survive that. Like, he’s dead. I honestly thought he was dead. I just kept calling and his fiancée called me and told me, ‘Kaseem is still alive.’ He was literally breathing, still on the ground."

A substantial amount of damage was caused from the drop, but officials are still investigating this case. "It’s an ongoing investigation at this time. So much damage was caused by this accident," Sanchez said. "There’s damage to city property. Of course, it was a solid waste truck that belonged to the city. It fell on a city park, and there’s substantial property damage in this accident."

A statement released by the City of Miami reads, "The video shows Mr. Smith was not texting or using his phone and no other vehicle appears to be involved. We are still reviewing this case with risk management and law departments regarding what steps to follow next."

Officials said Kaseem fell out of the truck and onto the pavement on his way down. He has been recovering at home ever since. FHP is still investigating the accident.

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