WSVN — Don't you just hate it when you call a company and get put on hold forever? Well not any more.

Fast Customer puts you on the phone with a real person in record time. Just tap the company you want. The app makes the call then calls you back when a rep is on the line. It's like having your own private secretary. Fast Customer lists more than 2000 companies in the U.S. and Canada and it's growing every day.

And here's another time and and space saver for business people on the go.

Cam Card scans business cards and adds the new data to your contact information. Just take a picture and Cam Card puts the info in your phone, G-Mail or exchange contacts business cards can really pile up, but Cam Card brings it all together in 12 languages. Voted one of the top business apps of 2011.

And finally, an app that's in the business of saving you money. Shopy Savvy Barcode Scanner and Product Search is all the rage with smart shoppers. Find something you want and scan the barcode with your phone's camera.

Shop Savvy then looks for better prices from other local and online retailers so you can always go for the lowest price. Shop Savvy also gives you each store's price matching policy so if find something you want and you show the clerk it's cheaper somewhere else. You might be able to get the lower price without making the extra trip.

That makes shopping Appleasure.

For More Information:

Fast CustomerHttp://itunes.Apple.Com/us/app/fast-customer-productivity/id421471487?Mt=8

Cam CardHttp://appworld.Blackberry.Com/webstore/content/reviews/13707?Lang=en

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner and Product SearchHttp://itunes.Apple.Com/us/app/shop-savvy-barcode-scanner/id338828953?Mt=8

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