WSVN — Right on the heels of the World Cup, soccer is the super hot sport right now, but there are some new ways to play the game that you won’t believe. 7’s Belkys Nerey is going for the goal in tonight’s Style File.

Soccer fan or not, we promise you’ll flip out over the new “Bubble Strike Miami.”

Ivana Jocic, Co-owner, Bubble Strike Miami: “It’s the same as soccer, except it’s a contact sport.”

“Contact” is code for being able to ram into other players as you kick the ball down the field toward the goal!

Marlon Gadea: “It’s a crazy adrenal rush, kind of a stress reliever if you need it.”

But you don’t have to worry about getting hurt, because you’re strapped into an inflatable bubble suit!

Michael Camacho, Co-owner, Bubble Strike Miami: “You just slip your arms in like this, and you grab the handle. I can just pick it up very easy.”

Yessi Morfin: “When you get hit, there’s nothing to worry about, and you just bounce all over the place!”

Bubble Strike is broken down into two sets of 10-minute games, and your biggest worry will be laughing so hard you can’t get back up.

Michael Camacho: “We run over there and help them out, and the game continues.”

Kevin Zamora: “I just want to bump people and roll around. After my first goal I tried to do a front flip.”

Join a pickup game on the weekends at Wynwood Soccer, where a DJ plays on the sidelines. Or even better, rent Bubble Strike for a kick-butt party or corporate event.

Michael Camacho: “We can go to you. About $20 to $30 if you have a group of 12 to 15 players.”

Another rising sport you’ll get a kick out of is FootGolf.

Tom Welz, General Manager, Atlantic National Golf Club: “Hottest sport right now is FootGolf. It’s a mixture of golf and soccer.”

The Atlantic National Golf Club in Lake Worth is one of only a few courses in Florida offering the new sport.

Tom Welz: “We wanted to be one of the leaders in it because it’s growing so fast everywhere else.”

The rules are similar to golf, but all you need to play is a soccer ball. The idea is to get the ball into oversized holes in the least amount of kicks.

Jerry Balzer: “I came out here and gave it a shot, and I haven’t stopped playing since.”

Curtis Burger: “It’s not like a wear-and-tear kinda thing, It’s more like a laid back way of playing soccer.”

Anyone can play, and since the holes are shorter in length than regular golf holes, you don’t have to invest your entire day.

Tom Welz: “It’s taking foot golfers anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to play.”

There are still obstacles like sand traps, hills, water, and even solid soccer players will tell you, it’s challenging.

Jerry Balzer: “In the soccer game, you’re kicking it to where a person is going to be. Here you gotta kick it to where you want it to stop, which is a whole new ball game.”

The cost to play FootGolf is only $16, and you can bring your own soccer ball or rent one for $3. There’s also another course in stuart. Belkys Nerey, 7News.

Right now, regular golfers and foot golfers play at separate times.

Bubble Strike Miami
(407) 922-8155
Atlantic National Golf Course
6400 Grand Lacuna Blvd.
Lake Worth, FL 33467
(561) 969-6600
Florida Club
1380 SW Kanner Hwy.
Stuart, FL 34997
(772) 287-3680

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