Brew Bus

Miami’s craft beer scene keeps growing, and now you can hit the best breweries from Dade to Broward County, all in one day. Best part, you don’t have to drive. 7’s Belkys Nerey is busin’ us to the brews in tonight’s Style File.

Grab your beer buddies and hop on board the Miami Brew Bus!

David Rodriguez, Miami Brew Bus: “It’s a brewery tour. At the same time, it’s an educational tour.”

This is not your usual beer run. The Brew Bus takes craft beer lovers on a cross-county tour from Miami-Dade to Broward to visit three different breweries.

David Rodriguez: “Just in the last year, we’ve had three breweries opening up with another three in the next few months, but once more open, you’re going to have the option. Maybe on Saturday you do these three, then the next day, you do another three.”

For 60 bucks, they do all the driving while you do all the drinking.

Zenobia Bhaije: “It’s the safest option if you want to go to each brewery.”

Rose Valby: “If you’re on your own, it’s kinda difficult, especially with Miami traffic. So this is the perfect way to do it.”

First stop on the tour: the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park.

David Rodriguez: “They do an extensive tour of the brewery, then you get four or five flights of beers at each brewery.”

Camila Moller: “We get to enjoy our beer on the bus, so you can’t go wrong.”

Then it’s back on the road for a pit stop at M.I.A. Brewing in Doral.

Michael Demetrus: “My name is Mike, the brewmaster of M.I.A. Brewing. Thanks for coming out. Pardon our dust.”

M.I.A. is still under construction, but don’t worry, the beer still flows.

David Rodriguez: “It’s really cool, because you kind of get to see the birth of the brewery. You get to have one-on-ones with the brewmaster, the owner.”

The last stop is at Wynwood Brewing Company, where you get to sample their signature suds along with some art.

Camila Moller: “This pale wheat is pretty delicious, so I’m really enjoying Wynwood Brewing Company.”

The tour lasts about five hours, and by the end of the trip, well, let’s just say the bus is brewing with fun.

Andrea Silvestrini: “The bus is the best part. They’re strangers when you get on, and by the time you leave, you’re friends. My beer goggles are definitely on right now.” (laughs)

The Miami Brew Bus leaves from Lokal Restaurant in Coconut Grove every Saturday and Sunday, and of course, you have to be 21 years old.


Miami Brew Bus
(786) 558-3860