WSVN — Bradley Timpf was well known for being well liked.

Abbey Timpf: "Always the life of the party, always had the biggest smile on his face. I mean, I could go on for hours, days, years talking about him."

The former UM basketball player was almost larger than life. A young doctor doing what he loved, helping people.

Abbey Timpf: "He was really loved by his family. He was loved by all his patients. He was loved by the community because he was a big-time volunteer."

Brad sounds a lot like Starsky Garcia, another great guy.

Yuliza Acevedo: "His energy, he had crazy energy in a positive way."

Starsky had just moved back to South Florida to be near his family.

Yuliza Acevedo: "He was very excited. He came over one night and started telling us about his new job. He came all dressed up, slacks and ready for his new job."

Two men who never knew each other, who met the same fate 24 hours apart and a few hundred feet apart.

On Saturday night, Starsky left a friend's apartment, and residents heard one shot. He was found dead in the parking lot.

Detective Joseph Ramiro: "We are not sure what the motive is at this time. Right now it just looked like someone walked into their car, and they were the victims of a very horrific crime."

A few hours later, right across the street, Brad left Houston's restaurant in North Miami Beach. The only clue is this surveillance camera, which captured the last few seconds of his life.

Detective Michael Stein: "And the next thing I do know, because it is in on video, ultimately crashed in front of his restaurant where he had been shot, so I could surmise that he was shot where he pulled out and where he crashed."

Houston's was busy that Sunday night, but, incredibly, no one saw much.

Detective Michael Stein: "There are some witnesses that we have talked to about what happened, but nothing has given me any information that leaves me to who did this."

In Starsky's case, it happened in a dark parking lot, but, a few minutes before he was killed, Detective Ramiro says a resident coming home saw a man crouching near a car.

Detective Joseph Ramiro: "She described him as a black male, probably 5 feet 8inches to 5 feet 9 inches, wearing a baseball cap."

Police went door-to-door handing out fliers, no luck. In Brad's case, no luck. Two men who never knew each other, two men who died the same way and maybe, just maybe, two men murdered by the same person.

Detective Michael Stein: "It's certainly very possible that the cases can be related. Starsky Garcia was killed the day before, in the early morning hours, and it's not very far from the Houston's Restaurant."

Patrick Fraser: "Brad and Starsky were both murdered last December, less than a year ago, not a typical cold case, but, sadly, both are considered cold cases because the trail is cold. North Miami Beach detectives have interviewed hundreds of people, searched and searched and no breaks."

Detective Joseph Ramiro: "It's a little frustrating, you obviously want to bring some kind of closure to the families, especially."

In Brad Timpf's case, it seems strange that a murder can take place in a bush at Houston's parking lot and no one sees anything. Detective Stein is convinced someone did.

Detective Michael Stein: "I know that somebody knows something. Somebody saw something, somebody knows who killed Bradley Timpf."

As the detectives search, two families try to live their lives. Brad's room is just the way he left it. His family has started a scholarship fund in his name, but it doesn't make each day any easier.

Abbey Timpf: "You know, you do what you have to, and he would want us to be happy. It's so hard."

Brad Timpf was a wonderful human being just like Starsky Garcia.

Yuliza Acevedo: "Someone very dear to us has been taken from us, and I feel it's not fair."

Patrick Fraser: "Two men taken from their families a few hundred feet and a few hours apart, leaving two families to cry and hope that a killer or killers can be caught. Two good honest wonderful people murdered two cases with no suspects. If you can help North Miami Beach detectives — not just them — a lot of people would appreciate a call. Take a killer or killers off the street, and do it anonymously if you want to."

And if you lost a loved one, if you are still looking for their killer hoping for justice, give us a call, and let people know you are still Out for Justice.


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