WSVN — With Indian movies like Slumdog Millionaire heating up the big screen, everyone is getting in on the Bollywood craze, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the MOCA is bringing the Indian culture to Miami by throwing a huge fundraiser next Friday night called Pop Bollywood.

Erin Malone, MOCA: "We're going to transform the museum into a Bollywood movie. We're going to have Indian food, Indian drinks, there's going to be a sitar player, Bollywood dancers."

So, how in the world does tropical South Florida get dressed for the spicy culture? Bhoom Shanti on Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami has everything you need to look like an Indian princess.

Minal Chugani, Bhoom Shanti, Owner: "The traditional outfit in India, which never goes out of fashion, is the sari, like something I am wearing."

The sari is draped over one shoulder, or it can be wrapped around your body. Pair it with a blouse underneath, or sex it up with a beaded bra top.

Minal Chugani: "Right now the reds, the pinks, the hot colors are in. That's what I would suggest."

If you want a more casual look…

Minal Chugani: "You can wear the peasant skirt with a simple tank top, which looks pretty."

Another big trend, these sheer or beaded tunics.

Minal Chugani: "You can wear it with leggings, you can wear it with jeans, you can wear it to the beach with a bathing suit."

To complete the look, accessorize with a lot of jewelry like long chandelier earrings.

Minal Chugani: "To have the Bollywood style, you have to have lots of bangles, a bindi. They have something else called a chindi, which you wear over your hair."

If you want to add some Indian zest to your meals, Ayesha D'Mello is your go-to girl.

Born and raised in India, she's sharing the spicy secrets of her homeland by teaching cooking classes out of her Kendall kitchen.

Ayesha D'Mello, Ayesha's Kitchen: "My classes last for three hours. The first couple of hours we do the cooking, partly hands-on. The rest is a demonstration."

For $75 you'll learn six to eight dishes starting with appetizers and ending with dessert.

Ayesha D'Mello: "My philosophy is to cook quick, easy, healthy and delicious Indian food."

She'll make cooking anything from curry chicken to Indian bread seem simple, and with all the spices she uses the aroma will tempt your taste buds.

Susan Tabas: "Yeah, everyone's mouth is watering. You're taking notes and trying to figure out how to reproduce it at home. Everyone can't wait to eat."

Once you're done cooking, you'll dine in her backyard under a tiki hut, a good time to learn about the Indian culture and chat with new friends.

Susan Tabas: "You get to know new people, and then you make friends with them, and they like the same things."

Marlene Nece: "We will not go out to eat Indian anymore because my husband says he'll never be satisfied. He loves my Indian cooking, thanks to Ayesha."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Bhoom Shanti5050 Biscayne Blvd # 100Miami, FL 33137(305) 758-8282Ayesha D'Mello Ayesha's Kitchen 305-254-0693