WSVN — This is what dorm life looks like, but these aren't college students, they're in high school.

Jade is a senior whose family moves around the globe a lot.

Jade Moi: "After a while you realize it's a part of who you are and you just kinda have to accept it."

She came to South Florida so she could graduate from high school in the United States. That's where she found North Broward Preparatory School.

Jade Moi: "North Broward has approximately 230 students, from 34 different countries."

The school in Coconut Creek has a residential program.

Wes Cissell: "Other students come here to get that American experience and a U.S. high school diploma."

Students live in dorms 15 minutes away from the main campus. Transportation is included.

Wes Cissell: "Our rooms vary in size from two in a room to four in a room."

They learn to share their space and follow the rules.

Wes Cissell: "We have traditional lights out and wake up times, we do room inspections in the morning."

Marianna moved here from Brazil a year ago. She admits to being scared at first to leave her family.

Marianna Pipino: "I'm not going to have my parents to take care of me, so I became very nervous."

But when she realized other students were in the same boat, she started to feel more at home and learned to be more independent.

Marianna Pipino: "I had to face this new reality and these new people I had to meet and learn how to live with them."

And that's the concept behind the program: Preparing them for life on their own.

Elise Ecoff: "They learn to respect and understand diversity firsthand because when they go out to college and beyond that's what they're going to experience."

Jade says she appreciates dorm life.

Jade Moi: "It's kinda like your little family. Everyone you meet in the dorms are kind of a part of your daily life."

She says the experience has helped her stand on her own two feet.

Jade Moi: "To allow you to grow as a person and be able to develop yourself for the future because once you get to college it's going to be like that anyway."

North Broward prep offers Pre-K through 12th grade. All students plan to attend college.


North Broward Preparatory School:7600 Lyons RoadCoconut Creek, FL 33073Tel: (954) 247-0011

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