Bite with Belkys: Online Extra/Grilling Bread

Hi, I’m Chef Max Makowski of the Cypress Tavern and this is Online Extra. Today I’m going to show you a real simple technique that we use in the restaurant of grilling bread."

Chef Max Makowski: "So what we’re going to do is put some extra virgin olive oil on the bread. Little salt, little pepper. Flip it over, do it again."

Chef Max Makowski: "At home you can do this on your charcoal grill or gas grill. At the restaurant we have a wood burning grill. Just throw it on there.

Chef Max Makowski: "So what we’re doing here is trying to, I guess, burn the bread a little bit. You’re going to look for some color and it’s going to develop the flavor."

Chef Max Makowski: "Keep flipping it. Make sure you’re looking pretty good here. Keep a watchful eye on it. You don’t want it too burned but you are looking for a nice even color on there."

Chef Max Makowski: "That’s perfect!"

Chef Max Makowski: "Just a minute is all it takes for wonderfully grilled bread. It has a nice smokey element and a great garnish."

Chef Max Makowski: "Thanks. This is Chef Max with Online Extra."