De-seeding Hot Peppers

WSVN — When it comes to any kind of hot peppers, the seeds and veins are the parts that really crank up the heat.

Chef Javier Rondon, J28 Sandwich Bar: "This is very spicy, especially yellow pepper, rocotto, jalapeños, these kind of peppers."

But taking them out of the pepper is easy!

Chef Javier Rondon: "Get your knife and run it through."

Chef Javier Rondon of J28 Sandwich Bar in Hollywood puts the pepper on the cutting board and slices down the side.

Chef Javier Rondon: "And then you put your knife in the middle and just go through it."

Cut around the veins and seeds and then carefully scrape it all out until the pepper is clean. Easy! Just remember, don't touch your eyes while you're doing it.

Chef Javier Rondon: "You have to wash your eyes with a lot of water and probably go to the doctor, 'cause this is very spicy!"