WSVN — The holidays are over and you probably gave those credit cards a workout. But was your personal information kept safe? In tonight’s Dollars and Sense, 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us some new technology you can use to protect yourself.

Gifts, party outfits and travel. Your credit card had a busy season. For credit crooks, it was the most wonderful time of year… to steal your money.

Alexander Pobiner: “A little worry and uncertainty because you know finances are very important to all of us.”

Crooks got to Alexander Pobiner’s account.

Alexander Pobiner: “It was a little over $1,000; $1,200 with all the fees and everything.”

After getting hit with the hack, he decided to fight back, starting the new year with new technology called BillGuard.

Alexander Pobiner: “BillGuard is awesome! Since I’ve had the app and installed it and used it, I actually check my account everyday now. I feel more safe.”

You don’t have to be a techie to use BillGuard. Just download the app, and it sends you an alert when it notices hidden fees, bill errors or fraud.

Alexander Pobiner: “First, I’ll mark it in the app, then I’m going to go, depending if it’s a pre-charge or it actually went through, then I’ll either contact the bank or the company that charged it through.”

It alerts you immediately before damage is done to your accounts.

Alexander Pobiner: “I can stay on top of that as quickly as possible and not let it snowball where it’s like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m $5,000 out and how do I repair this damage.'”

Alexander was hit again by hackers. But this time, BillGuard was there guarding his money.

Lynn Martinez: “Do you think the situation would have been different had you not had BillGuard?”

Alexander Pobiner: “Absolutely! It would have taken me a lot longer. There might have been more damage done.”

BillGuard not only kept him safe, it’s also teaching him to be more responsible with his money.

Alexander Pobiner: “Let’s keep ourselves safe. Let’s do the right thing. Let’s be a little bit more cautious. Let’s take a look into our financial lives a little bit more, and it’s not going to hurt.”

The BillGuard app is free to download.

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