WSVN — Bill Robinson had gone to a co-worker's house to set up her new TV.

Paulene Robinson: "Bill will do anything for anyone to help them out. If you ask Bill for anything, he will try to help you."

On this night he was helping Tanesha Stobbs. Little did he know she had an ex-boyfriend who was horribly jealous.

Merle Stewart: "I never liked him, and all the time I told her, 'One day the sister told her she had a dream that he kill her.'"

And when Bill and Tanesha didn't show up for work, police went to her apartment and found someone had killed both of them.

Detective Ilarraza: "No signs of a struggle, so neither one of them even fought back, it doesn't appear. They were just executed, both victims. Very, very dramatic."

Police immediately started looking for Tanesha's ex-boyfriend, Omar Williams, who had made her life miserable.

Detective Ilarraza: "He would come and attack her, grab her by the neck, choke her. One time he pulled a knife, and again it was jealousy. He would always say she was seeing someone else."

But according to police, Tanesha and Bill were not seeing each other, just friends, setting up a TV and wound up being found dead.

Merle Stewart: "It was very hurtful because sometimes when I look, I say, 'Oh my God, she was just wiped off the map, just like that."

Paulene Robinson: "It's not easy losing a child in that way. It's the way in which he was taken away."

The murders happened four years ago in October 2004. After the killings, police say Williams shaved his head, borrowed money from his friends and fled to California. Then, they believe, he went into hiding in his native Jamaica, but now they believe he is back in the U.S. once again.

Paulene Robinson: "He has family in New York. His mother, sister is in New York. As a mother, I'm pleading to that mother tell him to give himself up, tell him to do the right thing."

Detective Ilarraza: "We went up to New York, we went up to California, and basically his friends and his family basically told us they didn't know where he was and wouldn't cooperate."

Officially Detective Ilarraza doesn't have enough evidence to charge Williams with the murders, but he has uncovered enough to call him an armed and extremely dangerous man.

Detective Ilarraza: "He has very, a propensity for violence. He has demonstrated that, and obviously we believe he killed two people and can do it again, so he is a danger to the public."

Williams also calls himself Kyle Hinds. The families of Tanesha and Bill would like to see him called "an inmate."

Merle Stewart: "Some day, one day, his day's gonna come."

Paulene: "So I'm begging anyone one whose seen and knows this person to do the right thing. Please do the right thing, please call the authorities."

It sounds so simple, and it is.

Detective Ilarraza: "Call Crimestoppers you can remain anonymous. If you know his location, his whereabouts, just give Crimestoppers a call, and we'll take it from there."

Take it from there, help police confirm their suspicions that 33-year-old Omar Williams, a.k.a. Kyle Hinds, murdered two people in Lauderhill in 2004. If you have any information about Williams call Broward Crimestoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

And if you cry everyday for a lost loved one and want someone to finally pay, give us a call. Many people are still Out for Justice.


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