RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Former president Bill Clinton made the case for his wife as the next commander in chief at a rally in Palm Beach County, Monday, one of the three campaign stops he made during his South Florida visit.

Mr. Clinton attended the presidential campaign stop held at the Port of Palm Beach, in Riviera Beach, that was initially supposed to be headlined by Hillary Clinton.

The former Secretary of State’s campaign announced the substitution last Friday. Instead, she campaigned in Nevada ahead of Saturday’s caucuses.

If elected, Mr. Clinton said, Hillary will ensure the United States remains a land of opportunity. "Hillary is running to restore the American dream to all Americans, to restore broad-based prosperity and take it into the future," he said.

He also addressed Republican candidates’ animosity toward immigrants. "We’ve got to deal with all this anti-immigrant talk from the Republicans," he said. "Hillary supports the dreamers, and wants them to stay in America and have a future in America and make their lives in America."

The former president reiterated his wife’s support for Israel, as well as the Muslim community. "She got those Iran sanctions. She did the things which I think will make the future safer there, but we are strong supporters of the Muslim Americans who live in this country and have made our country a better place," he said.

He also mentioned her commitment to combat climate change and help the millions overwhelmed by college debt.

A Donald Trump supporter momentarily disrupted the rally when he stood up and started shouting while holding a Trump sign in the middle of Mr. Clinton’s stump speech. The crowd booed the heckler, who exclaimed, "You took Trump’s money."

Clinton, however, responded with a lighthearted comment, saying he took the billionaire’s money years ago and used it to help out Americans through the Clinton Foundation.

Out on the campaign trail in Nevada, Hillary talked about universal health care. "Affordable health care is in many ways the underpinning of so many people’s lives," she said, "because without health, without access to quality care, there’s a lot of suffering."

Meanwhile, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, her Democratic rival, courted the United Automobile Workers Union in Dearborn, Mich.

Mr. Clinton later attended a private fundraiser in Miami. 7News cameras captured him as he left an art gallery in Wynwood.

Hillary Clinton is currently ahead of Sanders in nationwide polls. Her prior public event in South Florida was an appearance at Broward College, in October.

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