Better Breast Implant

WSVN — Aimee has never really been self-conscious about her looks, but for years something bothered her.Aimee Musser: "In my case it was definitely the way clothes fit. I have broader shoulders, big arms, clothes just didn't fit right."So Aimee decided to have breast enhancement surgery but she was worried it wouldn't look natural.Aimee Musser: "I see ones that look totally fake, like hard, big balls on the chest."But she definitely wanted to go bigger.Aimee Musser: "I was probably between an A and B, and I wanted to be about a full C."Dr. Blane Shatkin: "They're the next generation of silicone implants."Plastic surgeon Blane Shatkin told Aimee he had a new implant available.The teardrop implant made out of silicone became FDA approved earlier this year.Dr. Blane Shatkin: "It's an extremely natural feeling implant."Dr. Shatkin says the teardrop is a more natural shape than some of the round implants. Dr. Blane Shatkin: "You can really fit the patient's body and really make the implant unique to the patient."But because the shape is different, he says they can be a little trickier to fit. Dr. Blane Shatkin: "There's a larger learning curve on placing them, you don't want to put them in upside-down or sideways."That's why the teardrop implant comes textured instead of smooth.Dr. Blane Shatkin: "Because you don't want it to move in the pocket as opposed to a round implant that can move around freely."They also come in different sizes like this smaller teardrop.Dr. Blane Shatkin: "It gives you a little less height and more projection."For Aimee, the new implant was exactly what she was looking for.Aimee Musser: "The shape of the teardrop was good because it gave me a little more fullness on top."She's thrilled with the results and how easy it was for her to shop for this new bathing suit. Aimee Musser: "I bought a bathing suit on-line and it fits perfect. I just order a C and it comes and it fits. I don't think I could have ever gotten away with that in the past."Diana Diaz: "Dr. Shatkin says the new teardrop implants are made of a cohesive silicone gel that doesn't leak. Although there is always the risk of rupturing."