Bernie Sanders to speak in Downtown Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) — The Democratic candidates are set to duke it out in South Florida Wednesday night, however, Bernie Sanders is getting a head start.

Sanders is expected to host a rally Tuesday night and many fans have already arrived at the James L. Knight Center in Downtown Miami.

What may be difficult, if not impossible for Sanders to accomplish is overtaking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the delegate count. Each primary caucus win means delegates, and more delegates lead to the Democratic nomination.

Despite some wins, the Senator from Vermont has fallen short, even after linking Clinton to Wall Street donors. "Secretary Clinton, on a number of occasions, has given speeches to financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs behind closed doors and got paid $225,000 per speech," Sanders said at a rally.

As of now, Clinton can count 1,134 delegates, and Sanders counts 449. The delegates needed for a nomination is 2,383.

On Tuesday, the two Democratic candidates faced off in Michigan and Mississippi, but the battle for five other states including Florida, begins next week.

Clinton went to Michigan Monday. "Anyone running for president owes it to you to come up with real ideas," she said.

It was a team effort with Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, as he greeted crowds in Illinois. "We cannot wait any longer. Finally we can rise together," he said.

Sanders is set to speak at around 7 p.m. Tuesday.