Does your wallet look like this? Customer reward punch cards for everything from coffee to dry cleaning, so if you buy 10 you get one free, but half the time you can’t even find the card.

Rick Medina: “They fill it, and sometimes they keep it, or sometimes they throw it away.”

But it’s time to clean out your wallet. There’s a new card in town that you can use at all kinds of stores.

Rick Medina: “They don’t have to keep 20, 30 cards in their pocket. It makes it so convenient for them. They can use this one card, anywhere else they go.”

Rick Medina of Arcade Odyssey is part of Belly. Here’s how it works: You join the program, and when you go into your favorite store, you just have to swipe the card to get your rewards.

Bianca Victorero: “Every time you get five points. And, it’s just a fun way to keep coming and keep earning points.”

Chill-N Ice Cream is also part of Belly. Here, once you collect 15 points, you get two free toppings. The owners say it’s great thing for them too, because everything is tracked through the card.

Danny Golik, Chill-N Ice Cream Co-founder: “Well, they save each time they come into the store, because they’re gaining points. The more points they get, the better the offer they will be able to choose from our Belly program.”

You can sign up for Belly online, with your phone, or check your favorite business for the key tag. It just made its way to South Florida, so new businesses are now being added every day.

Rick Medina: “Everybody wants to save money; everybody wants to get something for free. That’s just the nature of the game.”

There’s also coupons to local restaurants to save even more.


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