WSVN — The price of pretty can be painful. In tonight’s Dollars and Sense, Lynn Martinez explores some South Florida beauty programs to find out if they’re worth your money.

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all? Odds are, probably the one who is spending the most.

Elle Damian, HSI Hairbar: “We have so many little things we have to do. We have to do our brows, we have to do our hair, we have to do our nails. That adds up.”

The average American spends $50,000 on salon services in their lifetime. That kind of money can turn even the best hair day into a whole lot of frizz!

Brittney Ronda: “I don’t make a lot of money to begin with, so I don’t have my whole paycheck to go and splurge on getting my hair done.”

HSI Hairbar takes your strands seriously and has one hair-raising deal you do can’t do without!

Elle Damian: “For every dollar you spend, you’re gonna get it back. If we have a lady who wants to come in and get her hair blow-dried, she’ll spend the $35 and then those $35 will be put as credit towards any of our tools.”

A deal leaving those locks luscious!

Natalie Fullana: “Getting your money back and being able to blow-dry your hair and iron it for free, just because you spend money on a good quality iron and blow-dry, is a steal.”

Brownes Beauty is also offering up deals that will blow you away!

Loni Paige: “Cut, color, blow-dries. I like to get blow-dries a lot on the weekends when I’m going out. It just saves me a lot of time and looks awesome.”

Now Brownes blowout junkies can keep their mane maintained without blowing their budget!

Lissette Calviero, Brownes Beauty: “The four pack of blowouts, that’s $120 and they’re saving 15 percent off on what it would actually cost to get four blowouts in one month.”

Blow up the savings even more with eight blowouts for $200.

Need a little nail love? Brownes’ Mani-Pedi Club lets you nail down four appointments for the price of three!

Loni Paige: “The salon is amazing! The service is second to none. You walk in, they’ll give you cocktails, you just get VIP treatment.”

Now everyone can keep calm and primp on.

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